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Unless you have been living under a rock, you'll no doubt be aware of the Gippsland fires of 2013. Known as the "Aberfeldy Fire", one blaze ripped through Glenmaggie, Seaton and surrounds. There's a news article on the 2013 Gippsland Fires to familiarise you with info current at the time of writing this article. One man was interviewed, and mentioned that his wedding photos and those of his parents and grandparents had been lost in the blaze. These are irreplaceable.

If you have digital image files, wedding photos on USB or even film negatives or a wedding album, consider what you would do in the event of a threat from a fire.

People talk about "grabbing the wedding photos" as they leave their house- but what if a fire occurs while you are away? You need a plan.

Thankfully the man in this story is alive, and able to go on.
Get your wedding photos safe, don't leave it until it's too late!
One of the easiest things you can do, is to make backup copies of your wedding photos. If you are a customer of a bank, which has a physical street address, most will have fireproof same document storage facilities for a minor charge. Store a copy of your wedding photography somewhere else, and see that there are checks and balances in place to ensure their longevity.

We've got some exciting wedding photography offers for weddings in 2013 and 2014 and they represent outstanding value!
Our packages begin at an affordable $890, and all include a full set of camera raw digital negatives on USB, as well as a set of print-ready files, which will comfortably enlarge to around two meters long. They all open as 70 megabyte photoshop files- ideal for massive, wall-sized enlargements.

If you're having your wedding at the Melbourne Registry Office, you might qualify for further discounts, if your ceremony is on a Monday, Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday. We have some cheap prices for Melbourne Registry Office Wedding Photography.

We've also chosen to include some free digital artwork to selected images. This means we'll apply special effects, like flowers coloured with the rest of the image in black and white or sepia; as well as some creative blending of photos to make interesting collages and montages. Follow the link to see examples of this style of wedding photography artwork. We also have more on the wedding photographers melbourne web site home page.

Our diary is very full already for 2013. The only months which still have flexibility are December and September, the rest of 2013 is almost completely full as far as Saturdays go.

Be in contact with us, via the contact page of our web site, to arrange a studio appointment.

Sirens Wedding Photos Williamstown Beach

Sirens Restaurant in Williamstown was the host venue to a recent wedding we photographed down by the water. With real retro décor, sprinkled with some authentic ocean faring artefacts, the feeling was more that the wedding was taking place on the deck of a boat on perfectly calm water.

The ceremony was followed by a photo shoot around the different hot spots of the property. This small yet diverse venue provides a number of interesting micro-locations both indoors and outside which can be utilised in any weather and under any lighting conditions.

The bride prepared for the wedding at nearby serviced apartments, and met with the groom in the restaurant area, to walk down the aisle together, arm in arm. The ceremony was set against a background of calm seas, and a few ships sailed past as the vows were exchanged.

The late afternoon light provided for great dynamic range, and lent a beautiful warm glow to the scene. You can see the photos in finished album presentations, page by page, on the sirens wedding gallery page of our web site. The images are styled as they were prepared for the couples' album, complete with artwork and digital effects as shown.

Treacy Centre Wedding Review

The recent Treacy Centre wedding gallery uploaded to our website, features a remarkable set of images from a wedding held in the front garden, beneath the delightful oak tree on the west lawn. The bride arrived in a delightful old Chevrolet tourer, and the entrance was made easy by the circular driveway access. The short walk down the aisle made for a quick start. There was still lots of privacy for the arrival- none of the guests saw the bride until she was ready to be seen!

The wedding ceremony echoed the personalities of the bride and groom. Delightful, funny and engaging, there was much talk later about what a heart-warming ceremony everyone had just witnessed. The photography around the property at the Treacy Centre took in all the sights and favorite spots. There's lots to photograph in such a small compact space, and if you want to leave the venue in search of different wedding photography opportunities, then everything is very close.

Images within this gallery are from the wedding album as presented to the couple. The group photo was made from an aerial perspective, and the people were in the circular drive and rose garden area, which enabled everyone to be seen by the camera.

That absolutely charming set of stairs is part of the Treacy Centre, and runs from the front office reception desk up to the first floor. We could have spent lots more time there- but family photos beckoned. Typical Melbourne weather- served up three seasons in one day. It meant rain loomed but didn't fall. A long list of photo stops in a short time, were on the agenda, so we had to be on our way.

We hope you find inspiration here for your Treacy Centre wedding!

We have published a gallery of Melbourne Registry Office Weddings and images of photo shoots which took place immediately after the ceremony. The gallery shows the style of photography which features the inherent architecture of the building as well as nearby city areas which wedding photographers use in creatng images for their clients.

If you're considering a Melbourne Registry Office wedding, contact us for special prices on your photography needs. We have some attractive offers which make professional wedding photography super-affordable. The Melbourne city area has lots of photo opportunity, providing wedding photographers and newlyweds with an abundance of inspiration for capturing those all important shots.

Parliament House wedding photography has also been included within the gallery images, because of the close proximity to the Old Treasury. Our wedding photography packages for Registry Office weddings include a location shoot at any or all of the locations shown within the gallery.

We've just uploaded a new wedding photography gallery, featuring the funky, hip venue in Warrandyte called "All Smiles". This modern venue, which suits a cocktail wedding, lends itself to some amazing wedding photography. The rainbow, psychadelic colors of the interior décor provides a vibrant range of tints and shades. Wedding photographers work with these unusual conditions to create unique and distinctive portraiture with a definitive modern twist.

The outdoor area also features in our gallery; there are some exciting settings to use within the immediate vicinity of the reception room. The sheltered verandah provides an escape from rain, and a comfortable shooting area for more intimate wedding portraits. Check out the gallery of All Smiles Wedding Photos on our website.

Today's discerning wedding photography clients are always seeking new and ingenious ways of doing things. In recent times, we;ve noticed a rise in the number of requests for soft copy wedding albums, as the platform to show off wedding photos. These digital photo albums take the spotlight away from the traditional photograph book- a hardcover old-school album from the previous generation.

We've published an aritcle which takes an in-depth look at how you can make the most of this new style of wedding photo display. We also look at wedding photography storyboards which have stood the test of time for the last 10 years. Often copied but never equalled, these unique pieces make an attractive presentation on any home feaure wall. Read about soft copy wedding albums on digital media, and their suitability for low cost printing at consumer outlets, in our article.


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