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We're pleased to announce the release of our next wedding photography training to prepare you for the spring and summer wedding season. You can read more about our wedding photography courses Melbourne and gain an understanding of what you will learn from them. Our training for budding melbourne wedding photographers will cover lots of things- how to shoot, where to shoot, where to be and importantly- where not to be, when certian parts of the ceremony are taking place.

If you are beginner to advanced intermediate level in wedding photography skills, these informative courses will take you to the next level confidently and quickly.

Learn from somebody who shoots weddings most weekends, and has been doing continuously for 30 years. From brides being 90 minutes late, to videographers with no idea, your instructor has seen it all. You'll learn the no-fail magic formula for bringing it all together when everything is falling apart.

Weddings are unique, and each day has its own challenges. We'll also look at things you need to make the bride and groom aware of well before the day- when reason can step in and make some adjustments to the timeline.

Is a website ever really finished? It depends on a lot of things. One thing is for certain though- our wedding photography galleries have just grown- there are more of them, with an extra hundred or so images uploaded to what was already an ever expanding collection. We've added wedding photos from Bram Leigh Receptions, Forest Edge, Chateau Wyuna as well as some beach wedding photos and urban city wedding images. Take a look- there's sure to be something to provide you with lots to study. The mix includes color and black and white photography, as well as a few photos which have sepia toning applied. Visit our melbourne wedding photographer website to see these, and other diverse wedding photos.

It should come as no surprise to most readers, that wedding photography involves more than just cameras, lenses and lighting. To provide insight into what we carry, for those unexpected emergencies, we offer a short list of essentials to pack in a quiet corner of the camera bag.

  • Safety Pins- for hems, and fabric disasters
  • Double sided "Hollywood Tape"- for clothing alignment problems
  • Needle and Thread- for buttons that need re-attachment
  • Light weight wire- for bouquet repairs
  • Barley Sugars or similar- for that quick sugar fix

Whilie the above list is by no means exhaustive, these are all items nno wedding photographer should be without. The wedding photography emergency kit should have a permanent home in any wedding photographer camera bag.

Of course, don't forget to regularly check contents- things become lost, items go missing, and lollies can be a big temptation... so keep your kit up to date! Take a look at our article on wedding photography equipment - this should give you an idea of the minimum kit you need to get through the wedding shoot and be ready for almost anything.

Wedding Photography at Melbourne restaurant "The Willows" in St Kilda Rd is high on our list for today. We are photographing the wedding ceremony of a lovely Malaysian couple who have been living in Western Australia for a year. Melbourne wedding photographers have life very easy when doing wedding phtogoraphy at The Willows.

Close proximity to the Arts Precinct and Southbank, means that there is a huge selection of photographic locations and opportunity within a small area. The botanical gardens are close by too- they provide a second style of photographic setting. If you are considering a wedding photography session in the Royal Botanical gardens of Melbourne, we recommend that you read our guide to wedding photography Melbourne permits and ensure you apply for any permits well in advance before the day!

Keep watching this space! The hottest winter specials, for your wedding photography in Melbourne will soon be posted! You'll have the chance to enjoy some limited-time fantastic offers, and enjoy the fine photography we've been known for!

Just the right remedy for winter wedding planning, in Melbourne.

The melbourne wedding photographer website received a massive overhaul last night. In what can only be described as a marathon coding effort which took a few days, the design was re-engineered into a completely new system, massive changes were made to the engine which runs the site, and it was all brought together to give you this website.

The brains and muscle behind it all was our seo melbourne website designer and it all begins with having the right people on the job. Making a wedding photographer website is no mean feat- one of the obvious challenges is dealing with the array of image files and bringing these together in some sort of logical order.

You can see more work from Pete Lorocco by checking out the galleries at the wedding photography melbourne website which is the primary showcase of the studio.

Wedding Photography and the Delicate Business of Balance

There are lots of factors at play on the wedding day. Some contribute to your photography experience in a positive way, and others do not. Almost all are firmly within your control, and by reading our article on planning the best wedding photography you can overcome the most common stumbling blocks people face in the logistics, and avoid compromising the quality of your photography.

We look at balancing the time you have available for photography as well as determining the photo shoot attendees. The best alternate venues for the day need some advance permission- and we look at the ideal way for you to secure this.


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