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Wedding Photographers Melbourne are specialist providers of wedding photography throughout Melbourne. Our photographic artist's eye for detail ensures we see your wedding in a unique and engaging way. We tell the story of your day through our pictures. We create spontaneous, unplanned, and at times meticulously posed images. Our package prices for weddings begin at an affordable $890; however this is a special wedding photography price offer for 2013 and 2014 weddings available for a limited time only.

If you're looking for a Melbourne wedding photographer you're in the right place!
We've been wedding photographers in Melbourne for over three decades- that's a lot of experience.
Thirty years of Melbourne wedding photography conditions a level of preparedness in a photographer that can't be learnt off the internet or a wedding photography program.
You can book us with peace of mind.

Our black and white wedding photos shown above, feature the use of soft diffused lighting and dynamic range imagery to provide a timeless quality to conventional locations. Beautiful places like those shown here benefit from the gentle light which emphasises texture, shape and form. Our world-class equipment provides outstanding dynamic range to faithfully record our creative perspective of your wedding day. It is an advantage having a photographer who is thoroughly familiar with modifying light as needed to provide exceptional photos.

The wedding photography featured below is from a popular Melbourne venue. We were quite lucky during the post-wedding photo session- there had been torrential rain in the previous 24 hours, but we were spared on the day we took these pictures. Always ensure you have a backup plan- when you need it, a wet weather location should be there on a moment's notice. Preview any wet weather locations just prior to the day, so there are no surprises when you turn up. Melbourne wedding photographers know many great spots, our studio has established relationships with many conventional and unusual, exciting wedding photography venues, so your pictures will have character- something that makes them uniquely yours.

An intimate wedding photo taken in a Melbourne coffee shop, featuring a bride and groom seated in the restaurant area. wedding photography of a melbourne bride in the Park Hyatt hotel Image by Wedding Photographers Melbourne of a bridal couple at Parliament House. Wedding Portrait in a Melbourne bar, showing a bride and groom in an intimate corner setting.

Artists use their medium to convey a message through their work- to the viewer. The wedding photography creates subtle compositions which capture the mood and atmosphere of the occasion- or he or she may choose a bold, definitive style, in the same way that choices are made regarding makeup, or hairstyles.

In the wedding photography series above, each image sends a message to the viewer. Each image portrays a different mood and prompts a different audience response. Our photographic style is warm and engaging- we know how to set the tone, create the image, get the art direction happening, and finesse the lighting, all perfectly, and quickly. Ideally you engage a professional photographer to create this magic for you, to work with a skillset only a few people with cameras really have. When the mix is right, amazing wedding photography is the end result.

There is so much more to the best wedding photography than simply picking up a camera, regardless of brand or model- and snapping away in an unleashed manner. Melbourne wedding photographers work with the elements of light, location, timing and most importantly- people- to create and document heart warming images for clients.

Wedding Photography holds a place in the hearts of the bride and groom, and this becomes more evident as time moves on. Look at the works of artists from previous generations who are no longer available to explain the meanings behind what they created. Their work communicates long after the creator has gone- in the same way a wedding photograph communicates a powerful emotional message long after the day is over. No words are necessary. Wedding photographers use the medium of photography to communicate the message; to present and preserve the wedding photographer's interpretation of the events of the wedding day through the medium of photography. If you are looking for a Melbourne wedding photographer to record and preserve your wedding day, consider the interpretive style of the photographer and how it echoes your preferences for what you like about great wedding photography.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne Prices, Photography Packages for Weddings in 2013 and 2014

We have some great wedding photography packages, just for Melbourne weddings! Announcing the release of value packed specials, we are pleased to offer them to you here. Are you a bride planning a summer wedding in Melbourne for 2013 or a winter Melbourne wedding in 2014? If you are- and you haven't booked your photographer yet- we're offering some irresistible deals!
Right now, stylish and affordable wedding photography coverage can be yours- with photos on DVD included. A very popular extension of this style of package is the inclusion of a wedding photography storyboard. This beautiful, eye-catching presentation tells the complete story of our wedding day in pictures. You can see an example of a wedding photography storyboard on the wedding photography melbourne prices page. Our wedding photography prices are complete- with no add-ons later, no up-sells to coax more money from you- and they include everything you will need to preserve the memory of your wedding day with photography. We have a very low initial deposit of just $100, and a fixed package cost guaranteed in writing to be immune to price rises for twelve months after the date of your wedding! If you choose to have a wedding album, you don't pay anything towards it until you have seen it complete- ready to take home and enjoy! You should never pay in advance, for a wedding album you haven't seen.

An alternative to a physical wedding album, is the increasingly popular soft copy wedding photography album. This unique style of presentation has artwork and photos on DVD, in the style of a digital magazine album, but ready for printing at high resolution. We have more information on soft copy wedding albums where you can read about this popular new trend.

Glamorous, exciting, unique and very chic- this is the wedding photography Melbourne brides are choosing. We offer a range of wedding photography packages which can be tailored to your precise budget and needs. You might prefer to simply have a complete set of edited photos on DVD, to print at an outlet of your choice, or have us prepare a high resilution soft-copy wedding album. We shoot in gorgeous environments that are the hidden jewels of top Melbourne wedding photographers - locations that might seem ordinary but transform into spectacular settings when captured by skilled, talented professionals. The Wedding Photographers Melbourne team of artisans can capture the fun and excitement of your wedding day through the medium of photography.

Wedding Photography Melbourne Park Hyatt Hotel, with bride and ceiling dome architecture in the background. Wedding Photography of a Melbourne bridal couple enjoying an intimate candid moment at the Park Hyatt Hotel, Wedding Photographers Melbourne took this photo of newlyweds at the Park Hyatt Hotel Wedding Photographers Melbourne image of a bride standing on the grand staircase in the foyer of the Park Hyatt Hotel.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne - Recent Wedding Photography

In the wedding photography shown below, we present pictures from recent real weddings in Melbourne. These are shown throughout a variety of settings. All the wedding photography shown here, and throughout the website was photographed on the wedding day, either before or after the marriage ceremony. From Melbourne Airport to amazing photography locations within the inner city precinct, we have been to some stunning, very photogenic environs to create these images. In contrast, some of the wedding photography shown here is from a Melbourne Wedding Reception Venue which features a very plain front yard you wouldn't normally look at.

Wedding Photography at a windowspt Melbourne ocean beach, with a bridal couple and sandstone cliffs. Wedding Photography of a Melbourne Bridal Couple, enjoying a walk along an Ocean Beach foreshore. Wedding Photography showing a Melbourne Bridal couple after their ceremony at Brighton International Receptions Wedding Photography Melbourne airport, showing a jet and bridal car with newlyweds.

Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations

The Wedding photography featured in the top gallery shown above, depicts a bridal couple on their wedding day enjoying the Park Hyatt Hotel. Featured settings are the magnificent grand staircase and ground level foyer. Our skilled use of lighting and lenses especially designed for wedding photography in locations such as these, ensures your wedding day photos will be stunning and memorable. The most important ingredient in a wedding photographer's toolkit is vision- without it he is only a snapper at best. We bring a unique visionary style to our photography at your wedding, see plain locations transformed into the spectacular, by utilising techniques that work! Any location you select for your wedding photography session will be shown at its most photogenic best, with the amazing lighting and equipment we use in our wedding photography.

Wedding Photography of a bridal couple in a Melbourne lane with smoke for effect. Melbourne Wedding Photography in graffiti alley, with a bride and groom kissing near a graffiti wall. Melbourne Wedding Photography in graffiti alley, with a bride and groom kissing near a graffiti wall. Wedding Photographers Melbourne took this photo of a bride in the central city area, showing off her designer wedding dress.

Wedding Photography Melbourne featuring the CBD Precinct

The wedding photography in this gallery utilises what most people would regard as quite an ordinary setting within the Melbourne City business precinct- an inconspicuous inner city lane with graffiti you wouldn't look at twice. Judicious selection of the elements within the scene have combined to make this a striking backdrop for the wedding photos featured here.

Melbourne wedding photographers are spoiled for choice- there is so much diversity within a small area here in this culturally vibrant city. Beautiful public gardens, stately buildings with exteriors reminiscent of a bygone era, as well as the iconic locations of Docklands, Flinders Street Station and Parliament House.

Wedding Photography at Bram Leigh, Melbourne

The wedding photography in the series of photos below, shows a Bram-Leigh Wedding, taken in different photo locations within the front garden. The picture at the right of the row shows the use of our Hollywood lighting on location, transforming a tiny section of the garden into a mini forest, stunning for this style of wedding photography. This lighting enabled us to recreate the look of a deep dark European forest or woodland setting, without having to leave the reception venue grounds.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne display an image of a bridal couple at Bram Leigh receptions, Croydon Melbourne Wedding Photography in a city lane way with graffiti on the walls Wedding Photographers Melbourne present this image of a bridal couple in a stylish urban courtyard, within Melbourne's west end. Wedding Photographers Melbourne present dramatically lit portrait which makes a garden look like a forest, taken at Bram-Leigh Croydon

Wedding photography relies on and benefits from the skilled use of lighting, careful meticulous composition, choice of camera and optics, among many other things. Different styles of light- natural, artificial or a combination of both can lend their own interpretation to a scene. Add to this the vast range of light modifiers available, and you have an unlimited set of photographic opportunities present within a given scene.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne romantic portrait of a bride before her ceremony Wedding Photographers Melbourne portrait of a bram leigh wedding, featuring Blue Moon Rods Melbourne Wedding Photography of a Bridal Couple with bubbles floating through the air, taken at their Bram Leigh Wedding in Croydon. Wedding Photographers Melbourne show a photo of a bridal couple doing an impromptu dance outdoors at Bram Leigh Receptions

Wedding Photographers Melbourne Package Prices

Wedding Photographers Melbourne are pleased to announce some fantastic, value packed wedding photography specials, with packages and prices starting at the super-affordable price of just $890 for photography at your wedding, including a complete set of all photographs taken on the day, without watermarks, presented on DVD in high resolution. You'll be able to enlarge your wedding photos to an impressive two meters in length, and retain superb image quality.

A bride and groom are shown with a beautiful sunset on an ocean beach. Wedding Photographers Melbourne captured this intimate portrait of a bridal couple on a Mornington Peninsula beach A portrait by wedding photographers melbourne, showing newlyweds by the sparkling waters of a Mornington Peninsula beach, Australia. This photo shows an impromptu wedding portrait of a bride, by the ocean beach of Melbourne's Mornington peninsula.

You can access our prices right now, see them on our new Wedding Photography Melbourne web site, by following the link. Once on the site, select the "Prices" link to open up the listing of current specials and wedding photography offers. There you will find a comprehensive listing of Melbourne wedding photography prices and costs. All our wedding photography packages include a complete set of high resolution photos on disk. Album choices can include a bevel cut matted designer album, or magazine style album. You could choose a hybrid album, which is a combination of the two styles. Book as much or as little wedding photography coverage as you need, and pay only for the time you use.

Melbourne Wedding Photographers gallery image showing a bride at home in the last moments before leaving for her wedding. Melbourne Wedding Photographers captured this night shot of a bride by the stunning entrance to the popular Melbourne reception venue The Willows Melbourne Wedding Photographers Wilderness Images Studio took this photo of a bride and groom near the Victorian Arts Center. Wedding Photographers took this photo of two newlyweds enjoying a lighthearted fun moment walking down St Kilda Rd melbourne in the evening twilight.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne- Your Professional Photography Specialists

The Wedding Photographers Melbourne team are established wedding photography professionals- and we have specialised in exciting, premium quality bridal photography and wedding photography for decades. Our wedding photographers are skilled, full time professional photographers, and we use the finest equipment and backup systems in the capture and storage of your wedding photos. Experience makes the difference- and the difference is in the images. You'll be delighted with our work- we guarantee it!

Melbourne Wedding Photographers photo of newly weds and their wedding car from Fleetwood Limousines outside the entrance to the Willows Restaurant, a popular Melbourne Reception venue, in St Kilda Rd South Melbourne. Melbourne Wedding Photographers Web Site image showing a bride on the walk way between the Victorian Arts Center and the South Bank river Precinct, Melbourne. A Melbourne Wedding Photographers image showing an artistic composition of a bridal couple framed by an arch, taken in the Arts Precinct of St Kilda Rd Melbourne Australia. This photo by Melbourne Wedding Photographers Wilderness Images Studio depicts the complete group at a wedding on the courtyard of The Willows Restaurant in St Kilda Rd South Melbourne, Australia.

Wedding Photography Styles - How We Photograph Weddings

Our wedding photography encompasses a comprehensive range of styles and looks. You'll get variety! You will have a range of narrative images- wedding photos which tell a story, as well as photos with creative, artistic compositions- wedding magazine fashion-style pictures that look professional- with you as the star. These will be wedding photos you can hang as art pieces on your walls at home. We'll also take some natural, candid photos, capturing the raw emotion as it happens on your day, so that you can relive your wedding day in pictures that bring the moments back for you. Our wedding photography will capture glimpses of the things you might miss in the frantic whirlwind of your wedding day- guests' expressions, shots of the groom's pre-ceremony nerves, as well as the excitement at the bride's home prior to departure for the wedding service. All our packages and prices include a high resolution set of photos on DVD. The image files you receive from us are the original, non-watermarked camera negatives so you can have massive exhibition quality photographic enlargements made at any time. You will also receive a complete set of edited maximum quality JPG files, so you can make copies made for relatives and friends at affordable prices. Whether your looking for an inexpensive, affordable budget wedding photography package, or something more lavish and extravagant in presentation, we can do it.

A bridal couple in a waterfall setting in outer Melbourne. A bridal portrait of a wedding couple in a waterfall setting outside Melbourne. Wedding Photography Melbourne waterfall and bridal couple. Waterfall Wedding Photography-the team from Wedding Photographers Melbourne feature a bridal couple enjoying a waterfall in a rainforest setting.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne Introduce the Pamper Package

Wedding Photographers Melbourne proudly introduce the ultimate bridal day pamper, to streamline your wedding day preparation and photography experience. Our clients have welcomed this service, and the feedback from brides has been fantastic. Our wedding makeup artist and wedding hair stylist will remain with you throughout the day and attend to all of your wedding makeup touchups, and styling needs. This service costs no extra when you book our combined wedding photography Melbourne package, with hair and makeup. You'll have the luxury of your very own wedding stylist with you to help with the simple things that help your day flow smoother. Wedding day makeup, bridal hairstyling and adjustment- combined with our expert wedding photography, will have you looking awesome in those photos! To read more about this service, see the wedding makeup Melbourne page of this website.

Comprehensive Wedding Photography Information to Help You Plan

The Wedding Photographers Melbourne web site has lots of comprehensive information to help you design a photography coverage that's just right for your wedding. Read about locations, timing, light and permits. Everything you need to plan your perfect wedding photography is here within the resources of this web site.

If you are having wedding photography in Melbourne or the Royal Botanical Gardens, be sure to see the information relating to permits for wedding photography in Melbourne's CBD and gardens, to avoid the likelihood of having an officer instructing you and your wedding party to leave the location.

This web site features comprehensive location information about the best spots which are both photogenic and accessible, two important factors to consider in planning your wedding photography. Your wedding day will run smoother with attention to detail in the early stages of planning- and you will have so much more fun, knowing that all those details have been taken care of in advance.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne Blog

The Wedding Photographers Melbourne Blog is an invaluable source of current news, the hottest wedding photography trends and ideas, as well as anecdotes from Weddings in Melbourne. Use the information in the Melbourne Wedding Photography Blog to keep up to date with what's happening in the world of wedding photography throughout Melbourne. Recent blog topics include:

Wedding Photography Melbourne Courses and Tuition

Do you love wedding photography, and want to find out as much about this enthralling, yet very satisfying work?
If you are hoping to learn the craft and science of taking pictures at weddings, we can help.

If you're looking for wedding photography training or simply a short course to boost your wedding photography skill set, consider one of our comprehensive classes. These are set to run in May 2013. They are held at a beautiful, photogenic wedding venue, which has loads of photography opportunities around every corner. We'll have some really attractive people for you to photograph, as well as more props to work with. Additional material is available- be sure to include the information we need in your email to us. In the meantime, by following this link, you can read more about Wedding Photographers Melbourne courses and training.

Artistic Wedding Photographers Melbourne, Specializing in Spectacular, Creative Wedding Photography throughout Melbourne's Premier Photography Locations

Our Melbourne wedding photographer service provides artistic wedding photography throughout Melbourne and Australia's most spectacular wedding and wedding photography locations. Whether your wedding is in the city, out in the mountains, on a wild windswept ocean beach or an outback wedding location, we've probably been there before to shoot a wedding! We can offer location advice, and save you from making one of the five primary planning mistakes that trap the uninitiated.

We've photographed weddings for more than two decades - per team member - that's more wedding photography individually than most of the mushroom-style Facebook photographer studios have, combined. Follow this link for examples of Wedding Photography in the Melbourne CBD and surrounds.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne - experience makes the difference - attention to detail makes the images!

Some of the Melbourne wedding photographers we have seen, shoot candid images, as though you have got a friend taking photos. These wedding photographs really are natural shots - in the truest sense - but they may not necessarily be the style of images you want as a final collection of wedding photography with which to remember such a significant day. The photos might not look as though a professional shot them - they might not show you in the most flattering light. Consider carefully whether or not casual shots are what you want to look back on in the years ahead. They're great as part of a wedding photography mix - and ideally your wedding photographer should be adept at creating artistic wedding photos as well!

Some wedding photographers compose their images carefully, and make your entire wedding photography session look staged. This might be fine for portrait shots; it's great to have beautifully composed images on the wall as art pieces for all time, but if the entire wedding day was photographed in this style, then the photography would not reflect the reality and candour of the wedding day as it unfolded.

An ideal wedding photography mix is a combination of both candid and posed shots - and that's what the Wedding Photographers Melbourne studio specializes in. Follow the link to read about choosing a wedding photographer for your Melbourne wedding.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne - album design and production service.

You can have the Wedding Photographers Melbourne team design and produce your own wedding album for you - from a simple photo book in a coffee table format, to a complex magazine wedding photo album or a bevel cut designer album design with a one meter wide panorama. All you need to provide us with is a complete set of wedding photos on DVD or memory stick, and we'll do the rest! Whether we create a print ready set of files and page layouts for you, or produce your wedding photo album from start to completion - you can save money and still have a fantastic finished album. Read more about our wedding album design and manufacturing service to help you archive and present your precious wedding photos for all time.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne Storyboards - Your Wedding Day on Permanent Show

Wedding Photography Storyboards are an eye-catching, visual delight! Made from a fantastic collage of photos presented within an 82 cm square frame, each photo is set within its own bevel cut window and matted. In a wedding photography storyboard, there is one central photo measuring approximately 48 cm x 33 cm. There are also 24 smaller photos set around the perimeter of the frame, and these are credit card sized. Each photo is set within its own window - and each window has a white bevel core. We can make a wedding photography storyboard from client images- so if you've just discovered these wonderful pieces of art, all you need is your complete set of high resolution wedding photos on disk or memory stick, and we can do the rest.

We offer these stunning, eye-catching wedding photo storyboards in two main styles. There is one storyboard design which has an 82cm matted frame and 24 small photos set around one central enlargement. Yet another stunning design is in panorama format, ideal for placement on a wall behind a lounge suite or coffee table. Call the studio for more information.

Wedding Photography Melbourne - Council Guidelines for Wedding Photographers in Melbourne's CBD

Wedding Photography in Melbourne's CBD is not simply a case of "turn up and take the pictures" anymore. Clearly defined laws exist, which relate to parking and photography within the more popular wedding photography areas of Melbourne's City.

Are you planning a wedding in Melbourne?

If you are, there's probably a good chance that a portion of your wedding photography will take place in Melbourne's popular wedding photo hot spots (three blocks in any direction of Flinders Street Station).

If that's the case, then we urge you to read more about this on the Wedding Photography in Melbourne City Information Page.

It might be easier to plan your Melbourne wedding photography locations around the many stunning free areas, where photography is encouraged. Some of these are the Fitzroy Gardens in East Melbourne, suburban beaches around Brighton, Port Melbourne, St Kilda and South Melbourne, as well as the reserves throughout the suburbs and the Dandenong Ranges. All of these popular and photogenic wedding locations will bring your Melbourne wedding photos to life. A walk through prior to your wedding day will soon give you an idea of how accessible the locations are, and which places interest you the most. As with all things wedding related, it pays to do your homework and make a final check prior to the day just in case the "free" venue is not free anymore.

Melbourne Wedding Photography Trends

If you like reading- and you're interested in the changes in the role of wedding photographers over the last few decades, then you'll find this article about Melbourne Wedding Photography Trends to be interesting reading. The article looks at Wedding Photographers, Melbourne locations and photography styles and trends in days gone by as well as now. Read this informative article to learn how things have changed, in particular how the role of the wedding photographer is different today when compared to how it was 20 or 25 years ago. It's been a fascinating, evolutionary journey!

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Wedding Photographers Melbourne Blog and Latest Specials, Packages and Offers!

Wedding photography Melbourne professional photographer provides packages from just $890 inclusive of high resolution images and photo editing. Wedding photography training courses, wedding photo albums and storyboards, are available.

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Shades of Grey

wedding photography melbourne convent abbottsford

A touch of colour could be just the thing to set off black and white photography!

All our wedding photography is captured in colour, and channel mixing in post production yields better tones in the covered images. In the examples shown here, we have kept the bride's red bouquet as a constant, not changing its hue or saturation. We've modified the overall tone in everything else within the scene in the two images below, to give you an idea of some of the subtle differences that selective toning can make, to the overall mood of an image.

wedding photography melbourne convent abbottsford

The above example shows sepia toning, at a very low intensity or strength; while the example below shows a blue tint of the same numerical value applied to the image.

wedding photography melbourne convent abbottsford

Many people would consider either of these two images to be "black and white" but when viewed alongside a true monochromatic ( black and white ) photo, the differences are immediately apparent.

A great deal of your perception of what is written here, depends on the device you are viewing this website on. Even two monitors with the same model number from the same manufacturer, connected to identical computers, will be different. Next time you're near an internet cafe... check it out!

Smoking Hot!

Check out the wedding photography shown below- from a lane way in Melbourne city- a smoke machine provided the effect, and we cooked up quite a storm! Black and white and part colouring in this instance, draws all the initial attention to the neon sign... just the effect we - and the bride and groom- wanted!

Alternative Wedding Photographer Melbourne Image in a dark alley

We have an incredibly high powered, solar smoke machine- a unique gadget which we use to create images like this, on location. It creates beautiful ethereal effects almost anywhere- forests, old buildings, alleyways and grunge settings- speak with us if you would like shots with smoke!

The machine runs without electricity- so that means we can concentrate on the artistic side of wedding photography without having to worry about cables and complications. Adding some sizzle to wedding photos has never been easier.

Potters Warrandyte

One thing to keep in mind if you are considering trucks in your wedding photos, is the amount of parking space you have in which to move. Trucks are huge and any errors in alignment amplify themselves in photography, so the parking needs to be angle-perfect for everything to work in seamless harmony.

Checkout our Potters wedding gallery for more pictures from this visually engaging wedding.

We offer special rates for wedding photography, to customers of Potters Wedding Receptions.

Potters Receptions

If you anticipate millions of wedding presents, it might be worth considering a Kenworth truck as transport from your wedding reception. Otherwise, Kenworths make awesome night wedding photography props, for people who are into trucks and the trucking life.

These huge Kenworth monsters are shown at the wedding reception venue "Potters" which is in Warrandyte