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Melbourne Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers Melbourne provide professional photography of weddings in Melbourne. We will see your day in a unique way. Our photographs will tell the story of your day as it unfolds. Book a professional photographer and have memories you will cherish always.

Get the perfect set of images- exactly as you imagine them Beautiful, gorgeous photos to help you relive the day anytime in the future. Whether it’s a full-on day with multiple photo stops, or a simple ceremony in your home, having professionally made photos will bring back the memories in years to come.
An alternative to the full-service photo package could be as follows:

  • Have photographs at home taken by friends and family to keep costs down;
  • Engage us to shoot your ceremony- and remain with you for pictures afterwards, concluding before the reception starts with a mock cake cutting photo;
  • Hire a photobooth for your wedding reception which will get you candids, group shots and lots more fun!

We have sourced some great options from – they have wedding packages, party packages and even do custom albums, special themed backdrops- this will save you $900 on pro photographer fees. And the photo booth doesn’t stop for breaks!

Definitely worth considering.

Artists use their medium to convey a message through their work- to the viewer. The wedding photography creates subtle compositions which capture the mood and atmosphere of the occasion- or he or she may choose a bold, definitive style, in the same way that choices are made regarding makeup, or hairstyles.

In the wedding photography series above, each image sends a message to the viewer. Each image portrays a different mood and prompts a different audience response. Our photographic style is warm and engaging- we know how to set the tone, create the image, get the art direction happening, and finesse the lighting, all perfectly, and quickly. Ideally you engage a professional photographer to create this magic for you, to work with a skillset only a few people with cameras really have. When the mix is right, amazing wedding photography is the end result.

There is so much more to the best wedding photography than simply picking up a camera, regardless of brand or model- and snapping away in an unleashed manner. Melbourne wedding photographers work with the elements of light, location, timing and most importantly- people- to create and document heart warming images for clients.

Wedding Photography holds a place in the hearts of the bride and groom, and this becomes more evident as time moves on. Look at the works of artists from previous generations who are no longer available to explain the meanings behind what they created. Their work communicates long after the creator has gone- in the same way a wedding photograph communicates a powerful emotional message long after the day is over. No words are necessary. Wedding photographers use the medium of photography to communicate the message; to present and preserve the wedding photographer’s interpretation of the events of the wedding day through the medium of photography. If you are looking for a Melbourne wedding photographer to record and preserve your wedding day, consider the interpretive style of the photographer and how it echoes your preferences for what you like about great wedding photography.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne Prices, Photography Packages for Weddings in 2013 and 2014

We have some great wedding photography packages, just for Melbourne weddings! Announcing the release of value packed specials, we are pleased to offer them to you here. Are you a bride planning a summer wedding in Melbourne for 2021 or a winter Melbourne wedding in 2020? If you are- and you haven’t booked your photographer yet- we’re offering some irresistible deals!
Right now, stylish and affordable wedding photography coverage can be yours- with photos on DVD included. A very popular extension of this style of package is the inclusion of a wedding photography storyboard. This beautiful, eye-catching presentation tells the complete story of our wedding day in pictures. You can see an example of a wedding photography storyboard on the wedding photography melbourne prices page. Our wedding photography prices are complete- with no add-ons later, no up-sells to coax more money from you- and they include everything you will need to preserve the memory of your wedding day with photography. We have a very low initial deposit of just $100, and a fixed package cost guaranteed in writing to be immune to price rises for twelve months after the date of your wedding! If you choose to have a wedding album, you don’t pay anything towards it until you have seen it complete- ready to take home and enjoy! You should never pay in advance, for a wedding album you haven’t seen.

An alternative to a physical wedding album, is the increasingly popular soft copy wedding photography album. This unique style of presentation has artwork and photos on DVD, in the style of a digital magazine album, but ready for printing at high resolution. We have more information on soft copy wedding albums where you can read about this popular new trend.

Glamorous, exciting, unique and very chic- this is the wedding photography Melbourne brides are choosing. We offer a range of wedding photography packages which can be tailored to your precise budget and needs. You might prefer to simply have a complete set of edited photos on DVD, to print at an outlet of your choice, or have us prepare a high resilution soft-copy wedding album. We shoot in gorgeous environments that are the hidden jewels of top Melbourne wedding photographers – locations that might seem ordinary but transform into spectacular settings when captured by skilled, talented professionals. The Wedding Photographers Melbourne team of artisans can capture the fun and excitement of your wedding day through the medium of photography.