Forest Edge Wedding | Wedding Photography throughout Forest Edge Gembrook

Forest Edge was host to the recent wedding of this lovely couple, one beautiful afternoon in Spring.

Wedding photography at Forest Edge Restaurant in Gembrook works well, because of the open pan layout of the garden. This enables wedding photographers to move around quickly and create pictures with different viewpoints, all within a short space of time.

Wedding photography at this ceremony was made easier by the cumulo-nimbus clouds in the sky. These clouds have an amount of deeper grey within them. They are heavy moisture bearing clouds- and this works well for creating the look of subtractive lighting when flash is used from the "far" side of the subject. This is called "short lighting" and creates a slightly darker area on the side of the subject's face which is closer to the lens.

Our wedding photography from Forest Edge is seen here, and provides a glimpse into this spectacular location, and nearby surrounds, at Puffing Billy Railway in gembrook, as well as scenes around the Gembrook carpark. These are unlikely sounding candidates- but all photograph extremely well.

Forest Edge weddings are held in the beautiful landscaped grounds of the restaurant, overlooking spectacular mountain country in the heart of the Yarra Valley. Wedding photography can be spoiled for choice in a setting like this- and to add to the treat, there is a nearby property available to the bridal party fo the post- wedding ceremony photography session, which offers spectacular views and settings, if country weddings, rustic wedding photography or winery wedding photos are your preferred style.

The wedding photography at Forest Edge often takes in a nearby property where photographers work with the environment and forest as inspiration.

Wedding ceremonies at Forest Edge can be held in the lovely Bedouin tent, or if you prefer a more rural,rustic setting, you can arrange the use of a barn and have your wedding ceremony in the doorway with the stunning winery garden as a backdrop- this can be in any weather!

After all the documents have been signed and family photos concluded, the bridal party is taken around to the choice, hand-picked wedding photography hot spots, to create memorable wedding photos. Choose from a mini relpica cattleman's hut, old hull in the forest by a pond, open fields, and vineyards.

This private photography session is with the professional photographer- and only for the bridal party. No wedding guests or family members on this one! There are locations which shine in all types of light and weather, and the photographer takes couples to the spots which lend themselves beautifully to the look of the day.

Puffing Billy

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