Soft Copy Wedding Albums and Wedding Photography Storyboards

As an alternative to a wedding album, some people are opting for a different approach to presenting their wedding photography collection. Two distinct choices have been added to the many selections available. Soft copy wedding albums are popular, and so are the stunning wedding photography storyboards.

Soft Copy Wedding Albums

These are fully edited, artwork enhanced wedding album layouts, done in high resolution on DVD. The advantage of having this style of presentation is that an album can be printed inexpensively through an online outlet or office supply store, and in the event of loss or damage, making a second copy is not expensive. People wanting extra copies  can have them made as gifts for relatives, friends or the bridal party members.

Soft copy wedding albums on DVD are normally spooled at 400 dpi, with a single page size of 28×35 centimeters, this means that a double page spread is lareger than Super A3. In the resolution stakes, 400 dpi at a given size is more than enough, as a Durst Lambda laser printer, which prints direct to real ( silver hallide ) photographic paper, requires only 200 dpi at output size, and most photo finishers and office supply stores require 300 dpi at output size.

The extra high resolution of our files means that they can be scaled and cropped quite liberally, with no loss of quality.

With such versatility, soft copy wedding albums are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to hard copy wedding albums. See soft copy wedding album artwork on this page.

Wedding Photography Storyboards

We first introduced the 82cmsquare wedding photo storyboards in 1995 and they have proved incredibly popular since then. Presented as one attractive photography collage designed to keep the wedding story on permanent display, these eye-catching pieces make a head-turning frature anywhere they’re displayed. There’s one central photo, measuring 38 cm x 50 cm and 24 credit card sized pictures around the perimeter. Individual windows with a wedding photo set in each one, make wedding photo storyboards a beautiful feature in any home. There is an example of one of these beautiful storyboards on our wedding photography packages page.