Wedding Photography Courses Melbourne- Professional Training by a Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography course dates for 2013 have just been added. If you want to learn wedding photography in Melbourne, because you have a wedding- or some weddings booked- and need a refresher- or if you have been wondering about some of the advanced wedding photography techniques and need guidance- then consider our relevant, in-depth wedding photography courses.

We tailor training to your level, without throwing pointless information at you. Your objective in wanting to learn wedding photography should be to acquire the skills needed to photograph a wedding expertly in any circumstance and to be able to deal with any lighting conditions. When you master these ( and other ) essentials, your creative style will begin to develop naturally.

Accepting the responsibility to photograph a wedding is a big thing. It’s all fine when the bride and groom meet with you on the date of the initial meeting, and talk about their romanticized plan for what may or may not- be a perfect day. Things change very quickly, when the plan doesn’t work out. The clients’ expectations don’t seem to adjust with reality- so it’s important that you know what to expect from the people, from the day and most importantly- how to handle it all, as it slowly caves in around you.

Remember- when you’re standing there missing some important images, because your clients were poorly organized, all THEY will remember is how much they paid you to “Capture it all” for them ,and that their expectations were not met. People skills count for nothing in times like this- the clients want results.

Proper wedding photography training will show you how to deliver the shots, no matter what the day throws at you.

Do get you on the right learning path, here’s what our popular wedding photography Melbourne courses can offer you, which will benefit you tremendously:

  1. Theory and camera training which relate specifically to YOUR camera and photo equipment- so you learn to use YOUR camera properly!
  2. Real world tuition- where you can learn to shoot EVERYTHING to do with a wedding in a proper wedding venue- chapel, gardens and reception venue- complete with a wedding cake.
  3. The opportunity to ask the tutor “one on one” questions during the course, without feeling embarrassed bringing up your concerns in front of others.
  4. The opportunity to listen to, and speak with other people in the wedding industry. Guest presentations from a Reception Venue Owner, Wedding Coordinator, Marriage Celebrant, and Hire Car Operator. These people will speak on YOUR role as a photographer, and how they see it through THEIR eyes- these are people who form part of the same team that we are in, bringing the bride’s dreams to fruition.
  5. The opportunity to attend and shoot at a real wedding, knowing that it’s being covered by a pro, and that there’s no responsibility on you at all. See how it really happens on the job! Put into practice what you have learned.
  6. Honest and objective review of your work – in private, 1 on 1 with the tutor. No advertising your mistakes in front of other students.
  7. The chance to be considered for full time employment as a professional photographer, shooting for Wedding Photographers Melbourne.

The next courses are scheduled to happen in Melbourne, in late January 2013, at a prominent wedding venue. The venue has been selected for its incredibly photogenic qualities, as well as diversity of lighting- in any given conditions. This will enable us to provide wedding photography tuition in the most testing conditions, so you know how to handle it all on the weddings you photograph. You’ll have stunning images for your folio together with the opportunity to attend at least one real wedding the same season, and be in the running for work as a photographer with the Wedding Photographers Melbourne team.

The next wedding photography course for 2013 will be in May. You’ll have time to prepare you for winter, or spring wedding photography.

These courses take place early enough in the season, to prepare you for your 2013 or 2014 wedding photography shoots, so you can move into the role of wedding photographer with confidence.

Our wedding photography training in Melbourne is by far the most comprehensive and thorough course available. Way ahead of any other wedding photography courses in Melbourne, the syllabus has been created to present students with reality experiences – beyond anything that’s possible in a classroom environment or typical learning environment of a park, garden or house. Some courses we’ve seen are staged in houses and parks, with a mock dress up bride- this only benefits the organisers by way of income, it does very little for you as a student. The reason is, because this does not simulate the real environment where you will end up shooting for your clients. You might have a wonderful time, but when you’re faced with the reality of a wedding day that’s going any way but the way it was planned, and clients who are counting on you to bring it all together, then you won’t feel good!

Our wedding photography courses are limited to a maximum of 3 students- any more than this number, and the learning will not be as thorough. Your individual experience will be too dilute, and you won’t gain the real benefit you should from a wedding photography course like this.

You can participate in a part time study program- where you can learn photography in Melbourne! Easy, fun filled wedding photography Melbourne courses for students of all ability levels.

If you would like to be part of them, you need to contact us to be on the list for more information- but read the following points very carefully before you do.

  • Ensure you provide a link to some of your work online- anywhere- you don’t need your own website, the link can point to a gallery which is yours, on a file sharing site if necessary. Nothing where we have join, or similar. No Facebook pages which require log-ins or becoming a member. Google+ is our preferred platform for social media- if you have a page with Google+ then send us the link.
  • Outline the details of the equipment you have. We get an amazing number of requests from people wanting to be wedding photographers, and all they have is a compact camera.
  • Provide an overview of where you are at in your photography journey. We don’t wish to waste the time of people who are not really ready to begin such an intense level of training for something which needs the precision of surgery, if they are not ready for it.
  • We’re not about taking your money and wasting time, or simply sharing an enjoyable day which teaches you nothing. We deliver results, and it’s important for us all to be on the same page.

These classes are highly recommended. This wedding photography Melbourne course is an ideal alternative to a wedding photography apprenticeship or traineeship. You are welcome to contact the studio for a no obligation, no charge assessment and information session, to help you decide whether or not a career as a wedding photographer is right for you. We will need to see samples of your work, and you will be given the opportunity to have an interview where everything will be explained in full to you. Interviews are usually group briefing sessions, where you will be able to interact with other people like you, people who are passionate about photography and keen to further their skills as wedding photographers. We receive a large number of requests, please be patient if we cannot accommodate you in the next course.

We urge you to read the preceding three paragraphs carefully. If you email an inquiry to us, and do not provide the information we ask, we will not respond. This should immediately tell you that we are not in it for the money.

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