Outback Wedding at Cobbold Gorge Queensland

The Australian Outback- the classic desolated- yet feature rich Australian landscape makes a dramatic setting for wedding photos. We’ve shot weddings in the outback. Our featured example here will be in the Gulf Savannah Country of Far North Queensland. The Bride and Groom celebrated their wedding vows in a beautiful gorge, followed by a reception on the host cattle station.

The wedding photography presented here, is from Cobbold Gorge, inland from the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland. It’s an ideal place for wedding photography- you have the venue all to yourselves, accommodation and reception are on the same property and that means there’s no drive home afterwards.

If you like the outback as a likely wedding photography destination, you’ll need to have your wedding ceremony there! Distances in the Australian outback are huge, and often access to these out of the way places is on secondary roads, requiring more care and a lot less speed- so it makes traveling to the best outback wedding photography spots slower than a trip across the suburbs.

The best time for weddings in the Australian outback, is the dry season- and not the shoulder period, but the months of May, June and July- when the weather is stable, the floodwaters have receded, and the flies have all but disappeared completely. As with most things to do with weddings, it pays to have a back up plan- if you are in a venue like the one shown here, they will have ample alternate locations for both wedding ceremony and photography, so your wedding will not be at the mercy of the weather.

The wedding photography shown in this gallery enjoyes reasonably stable conditions, but in the event of harsh light or wildly unpredictable lighting or weather, we can use light modifiers to ensure you don’t look anything but your very best. The northern proximity of most of the Australian outback means that the sun generally track higher in the sky and comes down more mercilessly than it does in the southern cities. Wedding photography in these conditions needs more careful attention to lighting than if it was in a southern state.

The wedding phtographers Melbourne crew highly recommends this venue for a number of important reasons which will ENSURE the success of your special day. We have been to Cobbold Gorge a number of times- it is a location on our “regular” list! If you’re wondering “why” go out there – to Cobbold Gorge, consider these important points.

  1. You would be having your wedding in a ruggedly beautiful, yet very easily accessible area known to and seen only by a privileged few.
  2. The opportunity for photography has no limits – and you have exclusive use of the entire gorge, with no public access allowed to this stunning place during your booking, or photography session.
  3. You have the undivided attention of staff, to ensure your every need is catered for.
  4. It’s a journey, a holiday and can also be the honeymoon- all rolled into one- Cobbold Gorge is the kind of place you could spend days at, doing lots – or nothing – completely free of distraction except for the irresistible scenery.
  5. The property is accessible by conventional vehicle – and a station 4×4 bus will ensure the smooth transfer of everyone to the gorge, which means you don’t need to worry about four wheel driving, and you can let someone else take care of everything for you, leaving you, and your guests free to just enjoy the experience.
  6. Accommodation is available on site, on the station. Cobbold Gorge weddings have the use of the outdoor/indoor bush bar, with comfortable seating for all guests. Catering is onsite, you don’t have to bring your own caterer.
  7. You can arrive or depart by light aircraft or helicopter, the Station has an all weather airstrip.
  8. The day is relaxed, unlike many city venues who run a schedule of many pages “to the minute”, giving you no room to breathe, Simon and Gaye Terry are wonderful hosts, who do everything possible to make your event a success, effortlessly and with absolute attention to detail.
  9. Cobbold Gorge has a unique grandeur- think a combination of Bungle Bungles, Kimberly, a miniature “Australia” movie setting, as well as rock formations similar to those found in Moroka Gorge in the Victorian Alpine National Park.
  10. There is plenty of onsite accommodation for family and friends with a safe environment where the kids can explore and play – so nobody has to leave until they want to!

We regularly shoot in similar outback places- all through the Northern part of Australia, from the Pilbara and Kimberley in Western Australia, to Broome, the Centre and outback SA, QLD and NSW. How about a wedding at Ayers Rock resort with Uluru as a backdrop? If you are planning or even considering having an outback wedding, we know some stunning locations in every State and Territory. Some locations are on private property, and the owners will allow weddings on their land. The photographs which will be shown in this gallery depict an outback wedding.