Wedding Photography Melbourne Beaches showing Front Beach Weddings and Ocean Beach Wedding Ceremonies

Melbourne wedding photographers have an amazing variety of beach and headland settings available so close to Melbourne. Sandstone has been weathered by time, to provide some eye-cathing and spectacular formations, which make unique, distinctive photography backdrops. There are no two days the same in beach wedding photography Melbourne. Whatever the weather, it’s sure to entertain and provide Melbourne photographers with some awesome picture taking opportunities.

These wedding photography galleries show a variety of ocean beach and front beach settings, all very close to Melbourne and accessible by wedding parties. Beach wedding photography is not just about sand and water- there are many unique settings and features at every turn to enable wedding photographers to create some really unique images.

Wedding photographers Melbourne have presented this gallery of images for inspiration and consideration. This collection of wedding photography comes from beaches along the bay and peninsula. All beaches featured in this set of photos provide easy access on the wedding day for brides, grooms and wedding photographers. Ample car parking for wedding limousines is also available.