Wedding Photography Tips for Brides – from a Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers Melbourne bring you these indispensable suggestions and guidelines to ensure you maximize your wedding photography time. Compiled from decades of shooting, these ideas will make your photo shoot more enjoyable, which leads to great pictures! You spend many months and an infinite number of hours researching, analyzing and planning the perfect day. Often what can bring it all undone is a last minute distraction or interruption.

Let’s start- it all begins with you!

Be comfortable with what you are wearing- and this especially refers to footwear. Consider having a pair of sneakers ready for the location photography, your feet will thank you many times over! Ensure that everything is packed well in advance- and you’ll have peace of mind. Have it all packed in a loose bag- which transports easily- you don’t want bag zippers popping, or everything flying out from being under too much pressure, and creating more work for you or your bridal party, in repacking.

The human body needs fuel- in both food and water. Water is safe because a spill or drip on clothing usually doesn’t spell disaster- it’s much safer than colored drinks! Select foods that are spill or drip proof- dried fruit, nuts and wafer crackers are great- so are muesli bars. We’ve seen some very un-photogenic scenes with sandwich fillings leaving the sandwich, landing on the wedding dress below.

Be organized. Be thorough but not obsessive with your planning.

Thorough planning takes the anxiety away – but don’t be too thorough that there’s no room to breathe! You really don’t want to be out there with your phone in one hand, running sheet in the other, coordinating an event that when viewed from the outside, is really a very straightforward one to run. Don’t cut corners and don’t cut costs too harshly, you will end up disappointed. This would be one of the most common mistakes a bride makes on the day- determined to work to a budget which represent her idea, and not the reality of the market. Find good operators within the wedding industry- the good ones are worth their fees many times over, the bad ones are not worth a tenth of what they ask.

What you can do for you, to get the most from your wedding photography

Those gorgeous, avant-guard wedding photos are what they are because the subjects are relaxed and enjoying their time on the day. Relax- and the great images will happen, in the hands of a skilled, professional wedding photographer.

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