Wedding Makeup and Hair

Wedding Photographers Melbourne is the first studio to offer this service. It has been joyously welcomed by our clients over the past few years.
What is it?
A mobile wedding hair and makeup service which sees the makeup artist and heir stylist remain with you for the entire day. This means that you have someone looking after you during the photography session, so you always look your very best!

See more information about our comprehensive wedding makeup melbourne mobile service and read how it can benefit you throughout the wedding day.

Our makeup artist only attends one wedding per day- so your hair styling and makeup is done where you get ready for the wedding. This means no traffic or delays for you as you deal with interruptions in a salon. You’ll feel more refreshed knowing that the service comes to you. All you need to do is be awake on time, and we’ll do the rest.

The same service also applies to hair styling. Our wedding hairstylist will remain with you during the photo shoot so if someone pulls your veil out by accident, or you need some hair style maintenance during wild / rainy weather, rest assured that your team of professionals is on hand to look after you. Our wedding make up and wedding hair stylists are thorough and professional in their work, and generous discounts apply when you book them in conjunction with our Melbourne wedding photography services.

Our range of Wedding and bridal Hair Styling includes, but is not limited to Hair Ups, Chignons, Curls, Side Styles, Evening Glamour Hair Styling, Low Styles and a range of other styles for short hair, medium length hair and long hair of any type.

Wedding Makeup Trials Melbourne, Wedding Hair Trials Melbourne – preview your look well in advance before the big day!

It is recommended that your wedding makeup trial take place between 2 and 8 weeks before your wedding date. Careful attention to detail in your beauty routine should begin almost from your engagement! This provides you with the following benefits:

  1. It ensures that you are giving your skin- and yourself- the best chance of achieving the ideal look.
  2. You’ll likely pay more attention to your health, and enjoy greater well – being.
  3. You will create the best canvas for your makeup artist to do her work on – ensuring you look your very best on the day and in your wedding photos.

You can book a trial at our studio, by calling us on 03 9554 3279 during business hours or by emailing our Melbourne wedding makeup artist. Wedding Makeup trials are held at our Dandenong Studio. After your makeup trial, we will take a portrait photograph of you using the same equipment and lighting we use on your wedding day. You’ll easily be able to judge how you will look, in “real” photographic conditions. No surprises… with time to make adjustments to your final wedding makeup presentation.

We have witnessed some amazing wedding makeup disasters recently. In one instance recently, I saw the makeup artist (not from our studio) ask me, in front of the bride “can you photoshop this, I was unable to get the makeup right on the bride’s face”. I was sure it was one of those “candid camera” scenarios… and replied accordingly – I can assure you, from her embarrassed reaction later the makeup artist was serious with her request.

I’ve also seen other bad wedding makeup examples applied, in situations where the makeup artist (not from our studio) should have known better. What I have found that most wedding makeup artists lack, is the attention to detail in the finishing touches. The emphasis has been on making the bride feel good on the day, but not enough attention has gone into the workmanship of making her look good. Digital imaging, especially with the precision equipment and individually collimated lenses we use, spares no mercy in amplifying makeup faults.

Our Wedding Hair and Wedding Make Up Melbourne based service is the only one of its kind where the wedding make-up artist stays with you during the shoot after the ceremony. If models can have it- and they’re not being kissed and hugged by dozens of people- then so can you! Our package rates and inclusions represent outstanding value. Enquire today.