Wedding Photography and the Essential Mix- Making It All Work for You

Successful wedding photography is not about luck. There are certain elements which must be present for everything to work well on this huge day that you have spent so much time and effort planning. Get the mix right- and you are on your way to great images. You might be able to take away one element and still get away with it- take away two elements and it’s “game over”. Rescue might not be possible. Let’s look at these elements in more detail.

How much time for wedding photography on the day?

It goes without saying that you need time for your wedding photography. If you have only “natural” photos, you might think differently in the years ahead, and wish (as others before you have wished) that you had some “portrait style” photos taken at your wedding. Stunning, artistic photography that you can look back on and say “didn’t we look great!”.

Aim for a minumum of 60 minutes on location, photographing the bridal party, after the family photos have been completed. If you plan for 90 minutes, and end up having only 60, then this will be enough. Don’t plan for 60 minutes, and end up with only 45 minutes. This is not enough time. Take a look at our planning the perfect wedding photography timeline article.

Have Your Wedding Photography Locations Previewed- Secure Any Permits in Advance

One photography-destroying mistake people have made in the past, has been simply turning up to a venue “on the day” and hoping to be able to shoot there. The venue operator is not obliged to let you in- even if it is pouring rain. Often a phone call in the weeks or days preceding your wedding will work wonders for getting through the red tape, and you will have an ideal backup location to use in the event of wet weather.

Keep the Wedding Photography Participants List Compact

There is probably no real need to bring the family on the wedding photo shoot. Family shots are best made at the reception or ceremony venue- and the sooner after your wedding ceremony concludes, the better. You take away the risk of people being absent, or otherwise occupied. This help you create more time dedicated to your own wedding album photography, and lets you enjoy yourself more, without worrying about  unfinished business.

Bringing It All Together on the Wedding Day

The real secret to all this- aimed squarely at helping you achieve the perfect wedding photography plan- is early planning, and consultation with your wedding photographer. Wedding photographers Melbourne offer a location advisory and preview service, where we can even meet you onsite to provide feedback on the locations you have in mind, before the final wedding day plan is locked in.