The Top 10 Selection Criteria for Choosing your Melbourne Wedding Photographer

We offer these points for choosing a wedding photographer, for your consideration. It seems there are a lot of people who are disappointed with wedding photos after the event. Many people come up to us at weddings and tell us horror stories of bad wedding photographers, or poor quality wedding photography that either happened to them, or someone they know. Melbourne wedding photographer Pete Lorocco provides these ideas to get you started on the right track to choosing a wedding photographer.

Wedding photography is for always- what your chosen wedding photographer produces is probably going to be something you will cherish for all time. So it’s worth taking a moment or two to consider some of the important aspect of selecting the reight person to photograph your wedding.

What are you hoping to achieve photographically from the day?

Do you want a simple record, seen through an unobtrusive lens- or do you really need a wedding photographer that makes a stunning visual statement about the day and gives you artistic images to cherish for a lifetime? Photojournalistic Wedding Photography is a buzz term of the moment- it’s the terms everyone seems to be using. It is important to be aware that true photojournalism offers little if any staged photography, so think carefully before selecting a photographer specializing in this kind of work. The obvious comeback to you, when you express your dissatisfaction at receiving “happy snaps” from the photographer will be “I told you I just take natural wedding photos”. A wedding photographer specializing in this style of coverage often has little idea of artistic composition, the person sees your event through the eyes of a casual observer.

Ensure You Deal with a Real Photograher Who Takes Their Work Seriously

Your photographer should have a proper place of business which isn’t a house, garage or shonky fly-by-night operation. Wedding photography should be their full-time thing- you don’t want to be the second priority in their work schedule, your wedding will need the attention and commitment of a wedding photographer who has your best interest at heart, and can give you more than just the time of day, after work.

Book a Wedding Photographer, not a Snapper or Entertainer

The wedding photographer with whom you had the instant rapport may not be your newest best friend any more, when you realize that all you have are happy snaps- from some random wedding snapper who operates out of his car. It doesn’t take genius or rocket science to be a simple snap shooter and the output reflects this. There was a story exposing one such wedding photographer on “A Current Affair” recently, but worse still, his brides never received any photos, despite having paid all the money in advance!

The photographer you select to cover the important occasion of your wedding should be able to demonstrate to you how they can make an ordinary location look stunning. They need to be able to achieve this objective in record time, and under any conditions imaginable. Wild weather doesn’t just turn up when we are all “somewhere else”- many a storm has unleashed her fury on unprepared wedding couples wreaking havoc on the best and worse made plans. Often the couple turn to the photographer for the answer to “what do we do now?”- do you get the feeling that the person you are considering can not only bring the images home but make them rise above it all and provide you with results you will cherish forever, while quickly adapting the running and dynamic of your wedding day to bring home those gorgeous images?

There’s no chance for a reshoot.

Your wedding photography lives on, long after the day is forgotten. Look long and hard at the role of photography in your day before you engage a professional photographer. You need results that will make you smile in the years ahead.