Wedding Photography Melbourne City and Gardens

Wedding photography throughout the city of Melbourne often means that brides will take advantage of the beautiful natural garden settings which the city offers. Once free- many of these stunning locations have restrictions on wedding photography, which is seen as commercial photography- because the bridal couple are paying the photographer a fee for photographing their wedding. In instances like this, permits need to be sought at least twelve weeks before the day, and iif required, any fees are to be paid.

Weddings in the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens have the privilege of being in one of the city’s finest, most photogenic gardens. If you would like to have your wedding photos in the Royal Botanic Gardens but not get married there, you will need to contact management and apply for a permit to do this.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne point out that consideration must be given to the time you allow for the permit process to run its course. You should commence your application no less than eight weeks before your wedding date. This will allow for the inevitable wading through the bureaucratic red tape, and if your application proves unsuccessful, there will still be time to seek alternate wedding photography locations.

Equally important are some enforceable laws relating to wedding photographers in Melbourne utilizing the gates and entrances to the Royal Botanic Gardens as a backdrop.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne has received a copy of a letter distributed to members of the Wedding Car Association. The letter outlines a “no tolerance” policy to wedding photography in driveways around the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kings Domain, Queen Victoria Gardens or Alexandra Gardens.

Melbourne Wedding Photographers and Wedding Hire Car operators are strongly urged to look for legitimate parking bays in the vicinity of these gardens. Park Rangers, Council By Laws Officers will now book offenders without warning. Police will book offenders too – with the additional loss of demerit points.

The primary cause of these situation developing, is the rush for “the shot” in what is almost always “not enough time” on the wedding day. The most common problem is the wedding day plan, wedding ceremony timetable or running sheet being unachievable.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne cannot over emphasize the need to plan for more time to be made available for photography – otherwise be prepared for a “no we can’t do that” from wedding hire car drivers.

If you are a bride-to-be planning a wedding or wedding photography in Melbourne, then please keep in mind that the popular  areas can quickly become congested, and wedding hire car drivers and operators need extra time to park legally Рwhich means more time allocated between the wedding ceremony and reception. Be sure to allow time for your wedding phtographer to park their vehicle and transport the equipment to the photography site.