Melbourne Photographer Special Offers- Wedding Photography 2013 and 2014

Wedding Photography is on special! Book a bargain for your 2013 or 2014 wedding. We have listed an impressive range of offers on our new wedding photography melbourne website. Once on the site, select the “Prices” tab in the menu, to see the fantastic specials!

The current range of wedding photography special offers include a complete set of high resolution image files on DVD. You’ll also get the original digital negatives to keep for all time. They have no watermark, no logo embedded, and no copy control on the DVD.Yours to print, publish or do with as you please.

The featured wedding photography packages apply to weddings in Melbourne. There may be travel charges for weddings outside the Melbourne Metropolitan Area, in particular in the outlying western areas. We generally don’t charge for travel throughout the Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley. Our wedding photography prices represent exceptional value for money. We’ve gone to great effort to arrange generous discounts through our suppliers, and we pass these on directly to you, which means if you are considering adding a wedding album or storyboard to your photography, you will save lots of money.

Here’s something you should know… a very important point concerning the photos (we refer to them as “files”) on DVD.

Here’s what they are – and what they aren’t!

The files we give you on DVD are capable of being printed to around 2 meters in length, which is more than enough for most peoples’ needs! They are without restriction for personal use, meaning you can make as many copies as you like for your relatives, you can send them overseas, give them as gifts.

The files are NOT watermarked, overlaid or digitally “stamped”, meaning you don’t have to come back to us to get your reprints done. If Aunt Milly just wants 10 happy snaps from your wedding, then we understand you just want to go somewhere and get some prints done quickly and cheaply, so that’s OK.

The reason this information is here, is because it has come to our attention that other photographers have been watermarking or digitally stamping files, or reducing the resolution to a point where the files won’t print, in an effort to squeeze the last dollars out of the client (you!). We disagree with this practice, our philosophy is that you’ve paid for the capture of the images, so they are (for personal use) yours to do with as you please.

If you’ve ever wondered why does wedding photography cost so much? –you’re not alone! Often with many things, the price is higher because it’s a wedding. We are one of the few studios who have a lower price in place across the board – regardless of the style of the event – we don’t charge more because it’s a wedding.

For a complete list of our wedding photographers Melbourne packages, including the offer of a half price wedding photo storyboard as shown below, visit our other website, to see our budget wedding photography Melbourne prices and packages.

Wedding Photography Storyboards – a fantastic feature for your home!


The Storyboard shown here measures 82cm square. It features one central image, measuring 33cm x 38cm approx, as well as 24 smaller 5cm x 7cm photos set around the perimeter.

All photos are set within their own bevel cut window- which has a white perimeter core for a stylish finish!

Wedding Photo Storyboards make an attractive feature in any home- they are often referred to as “Wall Hanging Albums” – they represent an ideal way to keep your Wedding Photos on display in an album style presentation that never gets put away. We have a number of wedding storyboards on display in our showroom, there are endless possibilities for image presentation and content design. This ensures that the finished look really is unique to your wedding day.

Our initial booking deposit is just $100, with a further small installment due just before your wedding day. We are one of the few studios who DO NOT take all your package money up front, so you see your wedding photos, before paying in full!

And if you cancel for any reason right up until the day of your wedding, you’ll find that wedding photographers Melbourne is the ONLY studio who gives you an unconditional 100% refund of your entire deposit.

Nobody else does it, and it begs the question “why not?”

Wedding Photographers Melbourne – specialist wedding photography and album designers in Melbourne.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne are a team of talented, artistic wedding photographers, specializing in wedding photography. We offer a range of package options which we can easily customize to suit your needs and wedding photography budget.

A small wedding can have a small coverage – if you want just a couple of hours you can select that as an option. If you need all day wedding photography, we can customize that for you too, providing photography for the required amount of time at your preferred locations.

When deciding the amount of time you need us for, keep in mind that an ideal amount of time to allow for wedding photography in one location, after the family and friends’ photos have been completed, is between an hour and two hours, depending on the location’s photo potential, and your requirements. Yes it might sound daunting- and it might sound like a very long time, as you sit planning your wedding day photography times and locations, but remember- unexpected the briefest interruption will take 20 minutes- and once the time is gone, you can’t get it back.

Suggested time allocations for family and friends’ group photography at your wedding will be based on the number of groups on your list, and the number of people in each group, so a definitive answer to the question needs to take these factors into consideration. Most weddings see about 20 to 30 minutes of group photography after the initial congratulations post ceremony, and when the petals and bubbles have settled.

Designer Albums, Bevel Cut Wedding Albums, and Combination Wedding Photo Albums.

Designer Albums – sometimes referred to as bevel cut albums – are characterized by matts with “windows” cut into them to present the photos they hold. Each photograph is set within its own window, and the “core border” (the inside beveled edge) of the window is often in the complementary color to the matt. The black matt, white core is the most popular combination, drawing all the viewers attention to the photo, and resisting fingerprints!

Magazine Wedding Albums, Digital Wedding Albums, Coffee Table Albums and Wedding Photo Books

The main characteristic of this style of album is that the pages all have flush mount pictures, mounted edge to edge on the pages. Artwork and album design are not limited by matt cuts. Double span designs are popular, where a main photo is enlarged across two wedding album sides, so when the pages are opened flat, there is one continuous image with cameo shots included.

You can see a digital magazine style wedding album on the Wedding Photography Melbourne page of this web site. The digital magazine style album is presented as page by page layouts – so you can see how it all looks as a finished presentation.

If you would like more wedding photography information, request that one of our attractive magazine style brochures be posted to you, or simply make a time to call in and see our work in person. Just send an email to Wedding Photographers Melbourne, or call our Studio, on 03 9554 3279. We have day, evening and occasional weekend appointments available, for your convenience.