Melbourne Wedding Photography Trends

Melbourne Wedding Photography has come a log way in a very short time. From the slow cumbersome equipment of the previous century, requiring a film change after twelve exposures, to the fast flexible digital equipment of today that Melbourne wedding photographers now use as part of their kit- the changes have swept through the craft like a tornado with old school style gear now virtually worthless, when it was held in such high regard so recently.

From the old days of wedding photography in Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens, to the fast paced photography around popular Melbourne wedding photography locations today, the practice has changed significantly. Bridal couples are taking advantage of the multitude of locations available around Melbourne- lanes, bars, restaurants, the docklands precinct, beaches and city building fascias, to name a few.

To this end, the creation of wedding photography, especially throughout a vibrant cosmopolitan city such as Melbourne, has meant that strangers get involved. Brides hop on trams, traffic stops, street vendors have a smile to share, and open air al fresco cafes provide an opportunity to rest tired feet and enjoy an espresso coffee.

Today’s wedding photographer becomes art director, image creator and photo journalist all rolled into one. Quick, sharp reflex respond to the ever changing dynamic of the wedding day, seeing art where others perceive monotony and disinterest. Sharp observation skills enable shooting in the most mundane surroundings, knowing they will be transformed to something extraordinary.

This is the role of Melbourne wedding photography- to record, create and inspire, leaving our clients with works of art they can hang and cherish for generations to come. To see how the Melbourne Wedding Photography team can give you gorgeous artistic images from your day, head across to the new Melbourne Wedding Photography web site to browse over one hundred stunning photos.