Bram Leigh Wedding Photography Melbourne

Wedding photographer Melbourne images of Bram Leigh weddings, showing the grounds, chapel and reception room, in particular how these sites photograph at night. We have photographed many weddings at Bram Leigh Receptions in Croydon.

Bram Leigh weddings offer something for every season- selected deciduous trees provide a splash of colour in Autumn and less foliage in winter means more light on the ground.

Weddings at Bram Leigh qualify for some amazing generous concessions…

Nightshots- wedding photography at Bram Leigh receptions after dark- is as easy as stepping out the front door during a break in the meal- the optimum time varies with each season, however as the best time for a Bram Leigh wedding changes, so the venue adapts its running sheet to suit this.

Whether it’s a summer wedding, autumn wedding or winter wedding, Bram Leigh receptions has something to offer in every season. Did we mention Spring? Spring weddings are great, with foliage regrowth after winter. This is one of the few venues which lends itself well to night wedding photos. Most- but not this one- have been designed in a way that the features used in wedding photography are overshadowed by carparks, guests on patios, or even highway traffic. All important points to consider when anticipating and planning night wedding photography.

Bram Leigh weddings are brought forward in winter, to make use of the light, and some of the photography featured here is from a winter wedding with the leaves still retaining some of their glorious Autumn color.

It was quite fortunate- the right amount of ambient light- and beutiful calm conditions, meant we could quickly get some pre-wedding ceremony photos in before this bride walked down the aisle.