Treacy Centre Wedding Photography Gallery

These images were shot at a recent wedding at the Treacy Centre nestled in a quiet leafy street in Parkville. The bride arrived early- which made for a beautiful, unflustered entrance. The Treacy Centre gardens were bathed in golden sunlight for the wedding under the stately old oak tree.

The Treacy Centre features some fantastic architecture, as shown in the gallery images below. Wedding photography at the Treacy Centre can switch styles very quickly, depending on the look chosen by the bridal party. There's lots to work with, inside this compact area.

The setting for the complete group shot of everyone present at the wedding, was the rose garden. The photography vantage point was one of the upper level balconies, which provided an aerial perspective on the wedding group shot, and ensured no-one was missed! With a slight touch of theatrical flair- we brought the bridal party forward a little in the shot. These guys are no strangers to performing arts, the bride and groom own the Comic's Lounge in North Melbourne, so it was only fitting that they step out to the front and be seen!

The delightful staircase shot featured in this photo gallery was the Treacy Centre's own staircase- reminiscent of some of the grand buildings within the Melbourne CBD, but with far easier access. The stairs are located immediately inside the main entrance to the Treacy Centre, and they look stunning.

Every bride who is having a Treacy Centre wedding, should consider allocating time for a photo shoot with these beautiful stairs.

We hope you like this gallery, and appreciate the diversity of photographic opportunity from the Treacy Centre.

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