Wedding Photographers Melbourne offer some reflections on recent rainy day wedding photography.

If you are busily watching the weather, and realize that you’re going to have a rainy wedding day, instead of wondering “it’s going to rain on my wedding day- what am I going to do?”, take solace in the fact that your pictures will have so much atmosphere and style, you’ll be glad the weather turned out the way it did.

Some of the most exciting wedding photography happens during stormy days. Notable examples include the Grand Final weekend of 2009, the Melbourne Cup weekend of 2010, and the stormy weekend of the 7th of March 2010. The lighting and atmosphere lends a touch of drama to the scene- and transforms an otherwise mundane scene into something quite stunning.

Regular readers will no doubt know that we have published a new website, showcasing some recent photography. The front page of the new Melbourne Wedding Photography Web Site features a huge lineup of rainy day wedding photos. take a look at them, and take comfort in knowing that the rain won’t wash your gorgeous images away.