We’re pleased to announce the release of our next wedding photography training to prepare you for the spring and summer wedding season. You can read more about our wedding photography courses Melbourne and gain an understanding of what you will learn from them. Our training for budding melbourne wedding photographers will cover lots of things- how to shoot, where to shoot, where to be and importantly- where not to be, when certian parts of the ceremony are taking place.

If you are beginner to advanced intermediate level in wedding photography skills, these informative courses will take you to the next level confidently and quickly.

Learn from somebody who shoots weddings most weekends, and has been doing continuously for 30 years. From brides being 90 minutes late, to videographers with no idea, your instructor has seen it all. You’ll learn the no-fail magic formula for bringing it all together when everything is falling apart.

Weddings are unique, and each day has its own challenges. We’ll also look at things you need to make the bride and groom aware of well before the day- when reason can step in and make some adjustments to the timeline.