Sirens Wedding Photos Williamstown Beach

Sirens Restaurant in Williamstown was the host venue to a recent wedding we photographed down by the water. With real retro décor, sprinkled with some authentic ocean faring artefacts, the feeling was more that the wedding was taking place on the deck of a boat on perfectly calm water.

The ceremony was followed by a photo shoot around the different hot spots of the property. This small yet diverse venue provides a number of interesting micro-locations both indoors and outside which can be utilised in any weather and under any lighting conditions.

The bride prepared for the wedding at nearby serviced apartments, and met with the groom in the restaurant area, to walk down the aisle together, arm in arm. The ceremony was set against a background of calm seas, and a few ships sailed past as the vows were exchanged.

The late afternoon light provided for great dynamic range, and lent a beautiful warm glow to the scene. You can see the photos in finished album presentations, page by page, on the sirens wedding gallery page of our web site. The images are styled as they were prepared for the couples’ album, complete with artwork and digital effects as shown.